Art on Princess and Cunard Cruises by Bernath

This book is covering 16years of the artistic collaboration between Istvan Bernath and Princess and Cunard cruises.

It futures paintings from more than 800 originals within the Princess and Cunard Permanent Collection.                                                 In 1995 I was asked to paint large size paintings for the newly   built Sun Princess Cruise Ship’s Permanent Collection. The collaborative aspect of the project was very exiting, knowing that the collection would be seen by thousands of people every week.

Since then I have worked with Fidelity Arts and the interior designer Teresa Anderson for Princess Cruises where we have created    Permanent Art Collections on eighteen newly built Princess and Cunard Cruise Liners.

This book is ordered by the ships, which house my original paintings.

I have created   different moods for different areas, complimenting the architecture and interior color coordination.

My goal was to excite with subtlety, maintain a spirit of the sea and impress, but not shock. The horizon level is a must on a landscape and  is commonly on eye level for those who can become easily seasick.   The proportion is also important as well as the size of human figures which must be relatively smaller in order to not overpower a piece.

I try to paint elegant, harmonious colors and forms to generate an uplifting, calm feeling towards the audience.

Thousand’s of people return every year to Princess Cruises to re experience the luxuries and elevated atmospheres that their short visits have brought them. The past sixteen years I have painted more then eight hundred large size original pieces for the Princess and Cunard Cruise Liners.

Special Thanks to : Teresa Anderson Interior Designer for  Princess            Cruises,

Mark Bronson Fidelity Arts

Amy Lucena   Fidelity Arts

Princess Cruises


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